BELLEVILLE, Ont. (24/02/11)— Anna Olan poses for a fashion photography shoot where she is dressed as a Snow Queen. Photo by Brynn Campbell. 

BELLEVILLE, Ont. (03/17/11)— Victoria Adams gazes through the curtains at Silk Route Indian restaurant. The exotic setting enhances Adams authentic Ghanaian background. Photo by Brynn Campbell.

BELLEVILLE, Ont. (23/01/11)— Chris Finkle is the proud owner of Lighting by Finkle, The Electric People. Having problems seeing clearly, Finkle will help you see the light. Photo by Brynn Campbell. 

BELLEVILLE, Ont. (15/01/11)— Frederic Demers performs his seven trumpet show at John M. Parrot Art Gallery on Jan.15, 2011. Demers is touring across Ontario and Quebec for the next two months with his show. A great way to spend an afternoon watching and listening to this spectacular Quebcois Trompettiste. Photo by Brynn Campbell. 

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